I usually design my own labels, but I know my limitations, so in 2007 I ask a professional to help me out with one design I was having trouble with. The result became what was maybe the first truly revolutionary wine label in Argentina. With a somehow Soviet look, it was overcharged with colors and ornaments that made it stand up in the sea of ​​white, black and gold labels that were the norm for Argentine wines.

We live in a world where most wines tend to look alike and where many wineries make wines following the dictates of their marketing departments. Living on this same planet, I never intended my wines to be lost in the crowd, wanting to be picked up by the hordes that browse the supermarket alleys overwhelmed by their attempt to decipher the labels in the bottles. Fortunately, Las Payas doesn’t have a marketing department, so it follows its own path trying to be guided by its own interest and taste. I try to offer particular experiences that awaken drinkers. That’s why my labels go to great lengths to alert potential devotees in advance: “Watch out! This wine is highly likely to be different to the others”.

Now that the others have caught up with us, and the labels on the shelves are full color, we will probably have to start designing our own in white, black and gold.

Guasapea por acá